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TGM Link zum Salon Du Chocolat in Brüssel, Belgien.

21 - 24 Feb. 2019, Brussels

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Business and Trends in Tourism and MICE Business are crucial for TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine, our TGM UpDate is presenting latest published articles on this global Online-Magazine.

Photo: rawpixel / Unspash
Photo: rawpixel / Unspash

Business, Trend and Tendencies in Tourism and Gastronomy share your content with TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine as Guest Writer.

Travel Gourmet Magazine, Online about Lifestyle and Business: Trend? Fashion? Deal? It is time to analyse where the G&T goes. It was born as a simple glass with gin, ice, tonic and citrus and has become a whole structured universe of tastes.
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Lithuania might be a country you have never heard of before, but it has plenty to offer for a long-term traveller and a weekend escapee. Instead of choosing a guided sightseeing tour, indulge into once-in-a-lifetime experience and board a hot air balloon to get 360-degrees views of every sight possible.

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Is social Media crucial for success or just entertainment?

Critical Scientist and Investigators are giving their opinion on Social Media, which might be less social than the majority of users might think.

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Creative Kitchen in TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine
Photo: Creative Kitchen by Victoria Holder ©

Just in Time for upcoming Spring: Creative Vegetarian delicious Dishes

If you are looking for top creativity, easy cooking delicious dishes you will find everything at Victoria Holder's Creative Kitchen Section in TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine.

Kosice - Hidden Pearl of Slovakia - Travel Gourmet Magazine Destination
Photo: Visit Kosice

KOSICE - The hidden gem of Europe

The longest promenade in Slovakia also constitutes the city’s Main Street, where breath-taking sights marking the city’s most important historical moments are located.

TARTU: Discover the secrets of the Baltic - Spring 2019 in Estonia

The Baltic region in the north of Europe offers many highlights to gourmet travellers: TARTU is one of them which are awaiting you.

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Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Holder
Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Holder

Creative Bananas? On the West coast of Portugal you see the sun set right over the ocean.

International trends and recommendations online on TRAVEL GOURMET Magazine.
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Hot Air - just in the balloon - Delicious food and wine, enjoy the winter ending celebration over Lithuania.

Travel-Money: The Pound Sterling and the new issued notes.

Extraordinary Women

Take off and Landing, high professionals are taking control in the cockpit.

Travel-Money:  The new face on the Euro. May 2019 the lasted upgrade of Euro-Banknote will be full-filled.

Salads and Fruits - perfect for SPING 2019 created by Victoria Holder.