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TG MAGAZINE is directed to the multicultural reader with information about tourism, destinations, lifestyle and business, helpful links which might be useful as a basis for decisions. The magazine is independent and politically neutral. Partial-Updates are realised every 48 hours.

Figures & Facts Quarter 3/2018









Subscribers 0000 0.5 12.9 95.1
EDITION Central Europe International Ibero-America
Language German (AT) English (UK) Spanish (Inter.)
Visitors 0000  52.1 24.8  21.8
Visitors URL 0000  34.8 16.5 14.6
Pages 0000  121.3  55.4  42.6
Pages/Visitor  2.33 2.24   1.95
Recurring visitors %  67.4 50.1   70.1
Market shares % 52.8 25.1 22.1
Mobile accesses % 11.6 5.5 4.9
CT-Rate % 2.91 2.80 2.44

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€ 300 

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Guest Writers are always welcome! Articles and photos must be self-produced or their authenticity confirmed by the Guest Writer. Avoid commercial content and do not exceed 150 words. Upon submission, the transfer of publishing rights to the publisher of TG Magazine will be free of charge and for own use and effective.


The Guest Writer will be presented free of charge in the case of a publication, in context of the first published article by mentioning of the profession, company and the professional contact data, e.g. Website, if desired by the Guest Writer.


The Publisher reserves the detailed examination and rejection of the publication without further explications upon publication, the Guest Writer receives a confirmation link of the publication for free use and sharing.


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  • How can get to be a Guest Writer?

Our Guest-Writer invitation is presented to everybody who love to share stories as a Traveller, Tourism-Professional or writing-enthusiast. And be bet of all, if the content is approved we present you as our new Guest-Writer for free. (Please see explanation above in the Guest-Writer Area).

  • Can I get a conference call?

Certainly! We are looking forward to coordinate a conference call with you at your preferred date. Please contact us by using the contact-form of this page and don't forget to note your phone number including country and area code.

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If you don't cooperate with an agency, no problem! We do it for you, based in the information you published already on your website, and this service is for free! We need only your authorisation by E-Mail.

  • Can we get Popup adverts?

The majority of online readers don't like pop ups - we either, so we decide for quality reasons there are no pop ups permitted in our online magazine.

  • How do I get the right placement of my advert?

We do this for you - also for free. Your Advert send a message or information to the visitor, so we find out where is the best place for being accepted, in accordance of the surrounding and the content, colours and design we arrange the placement of your advert.

  • How is TGM published?

Actually there are three independent editions online of TGM, language, programming and content is related to the main target and segments of the corresponding market. The main URL is www.tgm.online which is 100% connected with the "Landing-Page" https://www.tg-magazine.online of the Magazine. Selected content of each edition is frequently published on social media channels of TGM, where actually are following over 100.000 readers.

  • How much does the Social Media publishing of TGM cost?

For publishing of editorial content, PR-articles and Advertising content there are no additional costs for our clients. We select the options and organise the SM-publishing for free in accordance of the total order volume of each client.